Address: 247b Vilnius Street, LT – 76343, Šiauliai
Institution‘s Code: 192072230
Telephone/Fax: (41) 522 116, mobile +37065597432

Director – Danutė KRATUKIENĖ 

Chaplain  – Priest Tadas RUDYS

The Diocese of Šiauliai Catechetical Center has been known as an institution whose main purpose is to help teachers of Religious Education, who work at schools. It was established on September 1, 1997. Eugenijus Bartulis, who is the high priest in Šiauliai, was the person who supported the idea of opening such a religious institution. Now the Centre arranges a great variety of activities.

The Diocese of Šiauliai Catechetical Center coordinates both the teaching system of Religious Education at schools and it is responsible for organising Catholic activities in parish church. This Centre has been trying to improve and make the classes of Religious Education much more exciting at schools and to provide teachers with useful information for the past few years.

The ultimate goal of this Centre can be understood as the help to a person „to get acquainted not only with Jesus Christ but also to communicate with Him, to relate our lives to Him“ (Jonas Paulius II, Catechesi Tradendae, 5).

The staff of the Diocese of Šiauliai Catechetical Center analyse the experience of teachers who teach students Religious Education, help them if they need. They especially pay attention to those who really need educational and methodical support. They coordinate their work, take care of teachers‘ spiritual education. People who work in the Centre are also responsible for organising the seminars, conferences, excursions recollections so that the teachers can expand their knowledge in Religious Education. Besides, the Centre supplies educational institutions and methodical centres with coursebooks and other necessary educational material. In addition to this, the Catechetical Center cooperates with other centres of the same sort, Šiauliai University, Education Departments in the city and districts and other educational institutions.

Mission – to perform the assigned Catholic service (plg. General Catholic Guide, p. 265-267).

Vision – to consider possibilities on how to convey Good News while forming Christian outlook and lifestyle, telling people about belief truths and developing the understanding of this concept. Regular improvements encourage teachers to gain high competence in this sphere, as a result the quality of teaching has become obvious.

Goal – to improve the system on organising the seminars, conferences, excursions, recollections and provide teachers with relevant information.

Aim – to observe and control Religious Education lessons at schools and help people who need a piece of advice working in this sphere.